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Check out the post-compo version HERE!

CAMERA CONTROLS: A & D or LEFT & RIGHT to rotate, MMB to pan, Mousewheel to zoom

In the year 21XX, the Corporations and Punks are in an endless battle for control of Intel, the fuel for Cybermancy. Bands of young PUNK and CORP fighters gain access to Intel using whatever means necessary. 

Tonight, a simple Intel download from a rooftop terminal goes awry, as the PUNK and CORP troops arrive at the rooftop at the same time... 


Guide your team to victory in this 2-Player turn-based tactics game (AI has been banned in the 22nd century...) This game was made for the #cyberpunkjam in 10 days. Thank you for playing, and please let me know what you think!

Created by Ian Andreas Snyder:  Follow @ian_snyder

Music by DST

SFX from freeSFX